Gialen is to build East China Logistics Base in Beauty Town
On the afternoonof December 30, Gialen held the signing ceremony in Dongwu New Century GrandHotel Huzhou with The People’s Government of Daixi Town, Wuxing District,Huzhou City, Zhejiang and Cosmetics...

On the afternoonof December 30, Gialen held the signing ceremony in Dongwu New Century GrandHotel Huzhou with The People’s Government of Daixi Town, Wuxing District,Huzhou City, Zhejiang and Cosmetics Industry (Huzhou) Investment DevelopmentCo., Ltd. to declare its formal settlement in China Beauty Town, which causedgreat sensation in the industry.



Based inGuangzhou, Gialen was founded in 2005 and now it has 8 branches spreading inGuangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xi’an and Shenyang. Asof October 31, 2016, there are a total of 1517 stores in 32 provinces andmunicipality directly under the Central Government, and more than 16 millionmembers nationwide with an average daily reception of 400,000. The companyoperates eight category products, including mask, skin care products, make-ups,body care products, hair care and beauty products, men’s care products, makeuptools and articles of everyday use. It is the local cosmetics retail chainpioneer of China.



As a cosmeticswhole industrial chain investment management enterprise group, Gialen involvescosmetic R&D and production, packing material manufacturing, brandoperation, distribution management, special channel supply, e-commerce, retailchain, etc. concerning its business, and possesses such cosmetics subsidiariesas Gialen, Unicharm, Guerlain, REC, MO&CO. and BORAVIS. Its retail storemainly operates skin care products, make-up products and fashion living goods. Gialenis also gradually enlarging its investment on products and brands in additionto retail, possesses 7 brand companies and operates 9 private brands, relatingto the whole series of products like skin care, make-up and living goods atpresent.



Land for thisproject signed by Gialen occupies 292mu, and the company plans to establish EastChina Logistics Base in China Beauty Town. According to the analysis from the insider,this plan under preparation should be greatly relevant to the future strategicplanning of Gialen.

Cai Ruqing,chairman of Gialen once said on the WeChat Public Platform of the Group that thecompany will still strive to develop the joining and markets in the third,fourth and fifth-tier cities. In addition, Gialen is also integrating e-commerceand promoting the development of on-line business. Apparently, the demand onlogistics will be increased from the perspective of expanding the joiningbusiness of markets in the third, fourth and fifth-tier cities as well asintensifying the e-commerce block. So, the establishment of East China LogisticsBase in China Beauty Town may obviously enhance the goods distribution capacityfor franchised outlets of various regions from Gialen and the logisticsefficiency of e-commerce.



Mr. LiShuanglin, CEO of Gialen addressed on the signing site.

Li Shuanglin,newly appointed CEO of Gialen expressed on the signing site that Gialen isadvancing into the whole industrial chain investment management enterprise fromcosmetics R&D and production to brand operation and retail chain, and withbroader development prospect, the supply chain link of Gialen will be smootherafter entering China Beauty Town. So far, quite a few brand owners,manufacturers and other third-party organizations have settled inChina Beauty Town, which may provide more cooperative opportunities for Gialenstriving to shape the whole industrial chain platform.

Responsibleperson of Gialen also expressed that the company is quite optimistic to thedevelopment planning of China Beauty Town, and is also quite confident to Mr.Hou Juncheng the general counsel of Management Committee of China Beauty Town,to local governments at all levels and to policies of the characteristic town.Gialen is expecting to cooperate with numerous brand owners, manufacturers andother third-party organizations upon settlement in China Beauty Town.



Cosmetics chainenterprises, cosmetics production enterprises and internet enterprises ofe-commerce and logistics companies attribute were successfully signed at theend of 2016, so investment attraction of China Beauty Town at the end of theyear is highly rewarded. Apart from smooth operation of investment attraction,a series of supporting facilities such as cosmetics museum, detection andR&D center and cosmetics technology incubation park are also underconstruction. China Beauty Town under constant change deserves moreexpectations in the future.

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