How China’s cosmetics industry stays “connected” with the world under the pandemic
Discovering beauty, creating beauty, spreading beautyLooking back to the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in China. PROYA and Beautéville, which have been investing in public w...

Discovering beauty, creating beauty, spreading beauty

Looking back to the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in China. PROYA and Beautéville, which have been investing in public welfare for a long time, actively contributed to the fight against the pandemic. Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA, often said, "The achievements of PRPYA and Beautéville today are not my solely owned, it belongs to the entire team, and society. We must actively devote ourselves to public welfare undertakings and make contributions to society in order to give back to society."


General Manager of PROYA Europe and head of Beautéville Europe--Fang Zaiyang

Fang Zaiyang was deeply influenced by the company’s belief and taken this as a guide. Living in Europe, he knows that what he can do is to ensure there is no mistake, actively respond and cooperate with the company’s emergency procurement of millions of yuan in protective masks and other medical supplies from Europe. After the domestic pandemic has been under controlled, the situation in European countries was getting worse. They have also cooperated with the donation of a large number of masks to European governments and industries to help carry forward the spirit of "to fight the pandemic together." The Mayor of Valdreuil, France and the Secretary-General of the LVMH Group, Mr. Mark Anton Vancamy, specially expressed his gratitude at the local city hall and personally awarded Chairman Hou the Medal of Honor. If it is said that Fang Zaiyang's efforts over the years in Europe have been recognized and respected by European cosmetic industry leaders, then the great love from China's beauty industry reflected in the pandemic has won the European tribute!


With the impact of the pandemic in 2021 in Europe, Fang Zaiyang finds that this is an excellent opportunity to introduce China's strength to Europe. We should seize the opportunity to further deepen cooperation, use China's ability and strength of healthy development to integrate resources for Chinese enterprises, and achieve win-win cooperation and resource sharing. With the joint efforts of all groups, the international scientific research base, the first strategic cooperation projects with French cosmetic Valley and Barcelona Cosmetic Association, will soon be set up in Beautéville to further enhance Beautéville's influence and competitiveness in the domestic and international industries.


Fang Zaiyang and the president of France Cosmetic Valley (second from left), and the president of the Barcelona Cosmetics Association


Actively responding to the country's call “Stay at work for the new year”. Fang Zaiyang, who has not returned home for a year, still stay in France for the New Year holiday and does not forget to maintain communication with European industry leaders online.


Fang Zaiyang and Filorga Global CEO have a video communication


Fang Zaiyang’s dream is to serve as a bridge between China and Europe in the cosmetics industry one day. It seems like an elusive dream, but he still has a heart dedicated to the Chinese cosmetics industry. As long as he works hard, who can say that it must be impossible?

As early as one year before PROYA Europe was established last year, Fang Zaiyang had been in France as PROYAs chief representative in Europe and strove to cooperate with international cosmetics brands. Early foreign exchanges and cooperation, active participation in global public welfare, etc. have engraved internationalization in the gene of PROYA. With the tide of economic globalization, this has become an important step for the company. With the tide of economic globalization, this has become an inevitable important step for PROYA. As a fashion capital, France's position in the cosmetics industry in Europe and even the world is self-evident. Proficient in English and French, he understands that this is an important moment to complete the company's mission of complementing existing brand categories or maintaining stable brand incubation and promoting sustainable development through mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and other ways.


Fang Zaiyang and Sisley Global President

From internationally well-known big brands to delicate niche brands; from the government to industry associations; from Paris, France to other European countries, his figure can be found in almost everywhere. If cosmetics giants are not easy to contact and cooperate, he will try to prove the business value. For niche enterprises with flash points, he also wont let them go. In a short period of time, Spain’s top peptide laboratory has enriched PROYA’s anti-aging products. PROYA has reached cooperation with several European well-known brands such as Nuxe, SingulaDerm, and Puressentiel in the Chinese market, which contribute to the internationalization of PROYA.


Fang Zaiyang and Vice President of L'Oréal Group

Today, the PROYA's market value has exceeded 40 billion becomes a leading enterprise in China's beauty industry. Just as it contains in PROYA’s culture, under the premise of doing a good job in the enterprise, there must also have the responsibility of the industry and the society to drive the whole industry, tell the story of our Chinese beauty industry to Europe and the world, tell our Chinese beauty dream, and more importantly, tell our motherland dream. Fang Zaiyang, who has worked in Europe for more than ten years and has a deep understanding of Chinese and foreign industries. He has never forgotten his original intention to contribute to the Chinese beauty industry. "The gap between the domestic beauty industry and the world’s has gradually narrowed, allowing the international community to understand the technology and enterprise scale of China's cosmetics industry, and truly gain mutual respect and trust!"


Fang Zaiyang and the Cosmetics Association presidents of Italy (left) and Spain (right)

At the same time, as the head of the European area of Beautéville, he regards himself as a "investment salesman". He seizes every important opportunity to promote to foreign friends, and keeps on running among European countries. Among the whole year, he has experienced countless sleepless nights on the plane. His skin is worn, his feet are swollen, but his sweat is accompanied by a smile. It seems that transnational countries seem to have become trans-regional, he just carries the Chinese beauty industry to move forward. He is in two important positions, although time is really not enough for him, he enjoys it. He knows that although PROYA and Beautéville become more and more capable and responsible, there is still a long way to go before we can really become a bridge and link of friendship between Chinese and foreign beauty industry. Bridges and ties still have a long way to go. Today, Beautéville, as one of the three major concentration centers of the domestic beauty industry, has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with government agencies or industry associations in 29 countries. It has made great achievements in the whole industry chain of introducing foreign cosmetics terminals and supporting industries. His efforts cannot be ignored.


Fang Zaiyang, as a speaker, promoted Beautéville at the French Chamber of Commerce


It took a lot of hardships for a young boy to become a big boy. He said that he would work harder in the future, because the rapid development of PROYA and the Chinese beauty industry is the engine of his confidence, and he also has to work hard for it. He still has many stories to tell you. When the European pandemic dissipates and spring blossoms, if you go to France, he welcome you to have a meal with him.


Fang Zaiyang and the president of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the former general manager of Watsons Group, and the general manager of Marionnaud Group

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