[Focus] Gathering in Yiwu, watching brilliant CYBE Zhejiang Beauty Expo
Spring is in full swing everywhere in March. The COVID19 pandemic have a huge impact on the entire beauty industry in last yearMarch is a season that fulls of hope.Zhejiang Beauty Expo CYBEThe trend i...


Spring is in full swing everywhere in March. The COVID19 pandemic have a huge impact on the entire beauty industry in last year

March is a season that fulls of hope.

Zhejiang Beauty Expo CYBE

The trend is surging, and visitors are coming from all over the world



Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA attended the the opening ceremony of CYBE.



Mao Lirong, vice chairman of science, education, culture and health of Huzhou people's Congress and director of Beautéville Management Committee made the opening remarks in CYBE.


Chen Kai, deputy general manager of cosmetics industry (Huzhou) Investment Development Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the second private live conference of CYBE


The exhibition site is full of pageantry and people gathered in Yiwu International Expo Center

The scene is extremely hot, but also sounded the clarion call for the recovery of the entire beauty industry



Beautéville Exhibition site


25th March

C-B07 Beautéville made a stunning appearance at the Zhejiang Beauty Expo, gathering with people of the beauty industry for a beautiful art feast

On the first day of CYBE, Beautéville attracted many people from the beauty industry to share, discuss and explore the development trend of the industry.



Beautéville attracted many people


Beautéville also held an investment promotion meeting, many important government leaders were sitting on the scene. The general consultant Hou Juncheng made an on-site promotion, the atmosphere in site is very harmonious



The site of promotion meeting


Zhejiang Beauty Expo

2 more days left, the excitement continues~

We are at Yiwu International Expo Center

Welcome to Beautéville booth

We are here, waiting for you 


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