The 4th International Rose Culture Festival grand opening, attracting guests from all directions.
The roses are in full bloom! On April 27th, "Hello, China Beauty" -- the 4th International Rose Culture Festival of Beautéville was grandly held in the Four Seasons Rose Manor. Leaders and experts gat...

The roses are in full bloom! On April 27th, "Hello, China Beauty" -- the 4th International Rose Culture Festival of Beautéville was grandly held in the Four Seasons Rose Manor. Leaders and experts gathered together and clashed with each other to seek a comprehensive and diversified development and cooperation platform with cosmetic and beautiful scenery.


In 2018, the first International Rose Culture Festival was held in Beautéville and has never been stopped since then. Taking this opportunity, Beautéville is deeply cultivating the "beauty" industry and creating a new model of industry-city-humanities integration. At present, Beautéville has formed a cosmetic complete industry chain and successfully ranked among the top three cosmetic clusters in China.


Mao Lirong, vice chairman of education, science, culture and Health Committee of Huzhou people's Congress and director of Beautéville Management Committee, presided over the meeting



Pan Yongfeng, Deputy Secretary of CPC Wuxing District Committee and District Mayor, warmly welcomed the guests and fully affirmed the development achievements of Beautéville.

Now, as one of the participants of Huzhou City's ‘Bumper Harvest’ plan, Beautéville has been given the important mission of industrial upgrading. At present, Beautéville is constantly exploring new forms of business, such as ecotourism, fashion marketing and functional matching, to be integrated into the industrial chain, with beauty makeup as the core, to create a brand new "fashion valley".



Cheng Jia, Member of the Standing Committee of Wuxing District Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Daixi Town, promoted the "Fashion Valley" in Yangshan.


Cheng Jia said, the theme of Fashion Valley is fashion, which focusing on improving the fashion industry chain; The value concept is happy life, which emphasizing health, environmental protection, fashion, organic, natural way of life. In the next step, we will focus on the strategic positioning of the Yangtze River Delta as the center of fashion, based on the development path of integration of life and industry, and try our best to create a highly recognizable fashion regional IP. From cosmetic to fashion, the connotation and extension of Beautéville are upgraded to achieve industrial enrichment and functional extension; From small town to valley, the space of Beautéville is upgraded to make lucid waters and lush mountains generate invaluable assets.


At present, industrial integration has become an inevitable trend of economic and social development. The innovative mode of ‘industry + ecology + culture + tourism’ has also transformed the industrial dividend of Beautéville into the green momentum of high-quality development.



Jin Jiabao, member of the party committee and deputy director of Huzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, released the industrial tourism route of Beautéville.

Jin Jiabao released the top tour route of Beautéville, which is based on the positioning of beauty theme, from four perspectives of welcoming and distributing, industry convergence, beauty hub and ecological beauty valley, providing visitors with an all-round, multi-view, immersive and experiential tour and visit route, dedicated to let every visiting consumer redefine beauty.



Beautéville inbound projects signed


In recent years, live streaming has become a new business model that affects people's industry and life. At the event of the day, the first beauty live broadcasting competition of Beautéville was came into being.


Zhu Jianzhong, Standing Committee Member of CPC Wuxing District Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA, Shuang Yifeng, Chairman of Beauty Health Association of Beautéville and Chairman of Zhejiang GIALEN Cosmetics Co., Ltd, Shi Peng, Regional Head of Kwai Technology Media Cooperation Center, and Huang Jiyun, Chairman of Zhejiang Yuying Education Group, jointly launched the live broadcast competition.


The theme of the competition is "Show your best makeup", inviting teams or individuals who are engaged in or intend to engage in the beauty live e-commerce industry, through the six stages of kick-off meeting, audition, preliminary round, replay, final round and awarding, finally selecting the first, second, third prize for individual and team and the best mentor award. The total value of the prize is 80,000 RMB.



Min Yun, deputy mayor of Huzhou Municipal People's Government, made an important speech


The International Rose Festival is not only a gathering of cultural tourism, but also an event of cosmetic industry. The content of this cultural festival is rich and colorful which contains the promotion of Yangshan 'Fashion Valley', the release of industrial tourism routes, the signing of projects, the launch of beauty live broadcast competition, etc. We see the integration of production, ecology and life, and the four-in-one development concept of industry, culture, tourism and community. We also feel the power of Beautéville to discover, create and spread beauty. According to Min Yun, Beautéville has become a typical representative of the beauty industry. In the past six years, the cultural and tourism development and beauty construction of Beautéville have been carried out rapidly.

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