From a poor town to an important industrial town, Beautéville renders the road to common prosperity. In this fall and winter, there will be important new moves.
The central government proposed to support the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province to build a common wealth demonstration area. As the only core bearing area of cosmetic industry in Zhejiang Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan and the demonstration base of cosmetic innovation supervision and high-quality development in Zhejiang Province, Beautéville actively responds to the call of the state, fulfills the responsibility of the industry, promotes the high-qualit

The central government proposed to support the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province to build a common wealth demonstration area. As the only core bearing area of cosmetic industry in Zhejiang Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan and the demonstration base of cosmetic innovation supervision and high-quality development in Zhejiang Province, Beautéville actively responds to the call of the state, fulfills the responsibility of the industry, promotes the high-quality development of the beauty industry, and promotes the common prosperity of the region.

The Qianjiang Evening News once again reports on Beautéville, narrating the road to common prosperity of Beautéville. The following is the report:

From a poor town to an important industrial town, Beautéville renders the road to common prosperity. In this fall and winter, there will be important new moves.

The small city of Grasse in southeastern France is the “capital of perfume”, where the rose and perfume is famous around the world. In Zhejiang, there is also such a beautiful town, known as the “Oriental Grasse”, where gathered the cosmetic enterprises from Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Australia, Bulgaria and other cosmetic companies around the world. This is the Beautéville located in Huzhou Daixi, one of the three major towns of China’s beauty industry. Behind the rise of Beautéville, the common wealth drama of “an enterprise leading an industry, an industry driving a town, a town for the benefit of the people” has been staged.


Panorama of Beautéville

From a poor mountain village to fashion valley, Beautéville’s gorgeous turnaround road

Daixi is a small town in a remote mountainous area. Before 2000, it was still a poor township that could operate only with financial subsidies. Due to the arrival of one enterprise, the town began a great transformation. According to local people’s memories, Daixi used to be one of the poorest villages and towns in Wuxing, which mainly focusing on mining. There was often a roar of mining machines here. At that time, people relied on mountain bombing to make money, and their clothes would have a layer of ash on the road. In July 2006, Hou Juncheng, founder of PROYA, came to Daixi in Huzhou with his dream of beauty entrepreneurship. PROYA built a world-class cosmetics industrial base in Daixi Industrial Park and officially put into operation in April 2009. Since then, it has become associated with beauty. From then on, a seed of beauty has been sown in the soil of Daixi.


Today, Daixi has a very good ecological environment.

Since then, PROYA’s production base has expanded from the initial 155 acres to more than 300 acres, and Hou Juncheng’s “roots” in Huzhou have grown deeper and deeper. With the rapid growth of PROYA, PROYA landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017 and became the first A-share beauty stock at that time. And since the listing of PROYA, its growth has continued, with main revenue increasing from 1.783 billion yuan in 2017 to 3.753 billion yuan in 2020, and net profit growing from 200 million yuan in 2017 to 476 million yuan in 2020, which has grown to be one of the representatives of domestic cosmetics benchmark companies.


PROYA’s cosmetics production base in Beautéville.


 PROYA’s production workshop

“Green mountains and clear water are equal to mountains of gold and silver.” Daixi, seeking change, has also abandoned the previous dusty way of making money, closed the mine and began to sit on green water and green mountains. Daixi has 70% of the forest area and good air quality. The water storage of Tigotan Reservoir is twice as much as that of West Lake, and the water quality reaches the national first-class water standard all year round. It is very suitable for the production of cosmetics. The production base of PROYA is located in Daixi, precisely because of the unique advantages of the back of the green mountains, the green water in front of the pillow, and the convenient transportation. Hou Juncheng told the reporter that he chose to build a factory in Daxi because of a vacation in Huzhou, where he found that Daxi is a place with beautiful mountains and water, and the people are very harmonious with each other, both in terms of hard and soft environment, including geographical location, which is very suitable for establishing a cosmetic production base. In May 2015, under the spring breeze of Zhejiang Province’s policy of striving to build “eight trillion level” industries and the construction of characteristic towns, Beautéville began to “sprout”. With the settlement of cosmetic enterprises, one beauty seed after another sprouted and grew here. It has also become a veritable “Oriental Glasse”, and its reputation has spread further and further. It is understood that Beautéville is also the core bearing area of the cosmetics industry during the 14th Five Year Plan period in Zhejiang Province. It has become the three major cosmetics gathering centers of China’s cosmetics industry together with Shanghai Oriental beauty Valley and Guangzhou Baiyun beauty Bay. Up to now, 190 enterprises have been introduced into the town, including: the leading enterprises in China, such as PROYA; famous cosmetics company in South Korean, IT’S HANBUL; largest packaging material company in Asia, Yan Hoo; the British royal family ROYAL APOTHIC; the French fragrance brand TechnicoFlor; and the Australian Medical brand XIMEIEN. The production lines of these enterprises are now at full power, producing all kinds of high-quality beauty products, delivering “beauty” to thousands of households.


Production workshop of IT’S HANBUL


Mao Lirong, director of Beautéville Management Committee, has witnessed the gorgeous transformation of Daixi. The beauty industry here started from a blank sheet of paper. In just 6 years, Beautéville has grown from nothing to strong. Beautéville has gradually established a complete industry chain with enterprises such as PROYA as the leader, complemented by supporting enterprises such as Yan Hoo Packaging, Dong Wu Aromatics, and Demetic Logistics, forming a complete cosmetic terminal manufacturing and supporting industries. With the creation of the provincial model town of Beautéville and the special town version 2.0, the construction of “Fashion Valley” has been fully launched here, with beauty as the core leading, and new industries such as eco-tourism, fashion marketing and functional support have been implanted into the industry chain. At present, the tax contribution rate of Beautéville to Daixi town exceeds 68%.

Behind the great change of the town, there is a group of fashion ambassadors

The reporter has interviewed the Beautéville for many times. The development here is concentrated in one sentence: an enterprise leads an industry, an industry drives a town, and a town benefits the people. The reporter has also heard many times that the development of Beautéville today is inseparable from a group of people with dreams. Mao Lirong, director of the Management Committee of Beautéville, and Hou Juncheng, chairman of PROYA, are two of them.


Mao Lirong (in the right) told the reporter about the development of the Beautéville. Mao Lirong told the reporter that the “dream” of Beautéville sprouted in one night that in six years ago. On the evening of May 12, 2015, Hou Juncheng, chairman of PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd., suddenly came up with an idea in a reception: he suggested that the government build Beautéville in Daixi Industrial Park. It is understood that there are six founders in the town. These people are like fashion ambassadors, running around for the dream of Beautéville. Later, many people were transferred out one after another, however, Hou Juncheng and Mao Lirong continue to stick to their dreams. Today, Hou Juncheng also has an important title: Mao Lirong, general consultant of the Management Committee of Beautéville. He is always called as “diplomatic ambassador” in the beauty industry. “Hou Juncheng took out his entrepreneurial enthusiasm and tenacity to construct the Beautéville. Wherever there is a need, he will rush to the place at the first time. In his opinion, only when the industry develops well and strong, can the enterprise have better development space.” Five months later, as the general consultant, Hou Juncheng introduced Beautéville to the global cosmetics giants in the Louvre in Paris, France. He said “today, we come to Paris with a dream, a dream of China’s cosmetics industry: we will build a new and world-class Chinese cosmetics industry cluster in Huzhou, China!” Hou Juncheng told reporters that at the beginning of the construction of the Beautéville, the model of this town the perfume capital of the French: Glasse.



In October 2015, Beautéville was invited to participate in the French cosmetics 360 exhibition held at the Louvre in Paris, and the general consultant of Beauty Town, Hou Juncheng and his group took a group photo with French Prime Minister Macron, etc. “Through my efforts, I have changed the pattern of China’s beauty industry by using limited resources (so that Beautéville can compete with Shanghai Oriental Beauty Valley and Guangzhou Baiyun. I feel grateful for that. As a result, the beauty industry has received the government’s attention and support, and the industry has been developed healthily. We have also won the respect and recognition of the world cosmetics industry through the beauty industry and changed the world’s perception of China’s cosmetics industry, which is very proud of.” In an interview with reporters in PROYA’s chairman’s office, Hou Juncheng said that his positioning is the “waiter” of the beauty industry. He said, “everyone has a different understanding of wealth. I think there is social wealth in addition to material wealth. What we do can be recognized by the industry and society, which is the most important. We Chinese say that if we have money and our enterprises become bigger, we are rich and noble. While, Europeans’ understanding of wealth focuses more on their contribution to society and industry.”. Mao Lirong recalled that in addition to planning the development blueprint of the Beautéville together, Hou Juncheng invested a lot of energy in the investment promotion process. “At the beginning of the investment attraction of Beautéville, Hou Juncheng flew around the world almost days in a year” Mao Lirong told reporters that in the process of overseas investment promotion, Hou Juncheng used his human resources in the global cosmetics industry to pay for dinner at least a thousand times. In addition, in order to enhance the popularity of Beautéville, Beautéville has held the cosmetics industry leaders’ Summit for six consecutive years. Hou Juncheng will also use his own and industry resources to invite world-famous beauty celebrities to attend. In order to better develop the enterprises settled in Beautéville, Hou Juncheng often goes deep into the enterprise research, listens to the opinions of all parties and participates in the development planning of Beautéville. The Beauty Pact, which must be signed by enterprises settled in Beautéville, was initially led by Hou Juncheng and has now become a golden card of the town. Hou Juncheng told reporters that the purpose of signing the Beauty Pact is to prevent Beautéville from becoming “low, small and scattered” (low technical content, small scale and scattered distribution). The ultimate goal is to make the town to be a forest of the beauty industry. On June 2 this year, it was the dividend implementation day of PROYA 2020. Hou Juncheng, who had just received the dividend, turned around and donated 10 million yuan to an individual in Beautéville for the construction of the beauty Museum.



Beauty Museum

“One of my principles in life is to be grateful. If you know how to be grateful, you will be open-minded.” Hou Juncheng told reporters that he respected the culture of gratitude. The reporter saw a big picture of “gratitude” hanging on the wall of his office. “The wealth created by the enterprise is not mine, but the wealth of all employees, but also the wealth of the society. We should make some contributions to the industry and do something for the society with gratitude.”


The road of common prosperity is still on the way, and the town will have a heavy new move this autumn and winter.


Mao Lirong told reporters that when they started Beautéville, they had a common goal: fight for ten years, to build a hundred billion, to enrich ten thousand families. This slogan said in four years ago, can still be seen on a big wall in the living room of Beautéville now. “When planning Beautéville at the beginning, the general direction was clear: not only to develop one enterprise, but to develop an industry, gather the representative enterprises of the industrial chain here in the town, and then the industry will go hand in hand and develop together to get rich in the local economy. Common prosperity was our common idea at that time.” Mao Lirong said, “It’s a pity that the last goal of Beautéville which is to enrich ten thousand families, will be delayed due to the pandemic.” Director Mao told reporters that behind this goal, it corresponds to the 20000 mu planting plan of the town. According to historical records, thousands of years ago, the area where Beautéville was located, was once a famous place of Begonia flowers in the south of the Yangtze River, and it was a base for local people to plant roses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Beauty is the label of local “ancestry”. Now, rose has once again become a label of Beautéville: Taking rose as the medium to attract visitors from all over the world. At the same time, it has also paved another way to get rich in the town. At present, the Four Seasons Rose Manor in Beautéville has planted 500 mu of roses. Since 2018, the International rose Culture Festival has been held here every year when the flowers bloom in spring. The fragrance of roses will attract beauty lovers everywhere. It is understood that at present, the average annual number of tourists in the town has exceeded 300,000, which has also spawned the Beauty Shopping Festival, Lao Deng cartoon cultural and creative products, and the linkage development of industry, culture and tourism.


The Four Seasons Rose Manor has become a hot tourism attraction. “At the beginning, we also conducted professional rose essential oil industry research for the rose planting plan. Due to the monopoly of French capital, the price of rose essential oil produced in Bulgaria is as high as 30000 euros per kilogram in Europe. Therefore, we cooperate with Bulgarian enterprises in the rose industry. On the one hand, we can reduce the raw material cost of beauty enterprises in Beautéville. On the other hand, we enrich the local people through rose planting.” Mao Lirong said. At the Third Cosmetics Industry Leaders’ Summit, the China insurance rose garden project was officially signed. In addition, the Beautéville has signed strategic agreements with government agencies or industry associations of more than 20 countries, such as France cosmetics Valley, Chartres, Korea cosmetics association, Wushan, Morocco and Bulgaria national essential oil production and trade Association. “COVID-19 has been raging around the world since last year, which has led to the suspension of our 20 thousand mu rose planting scheme.” Mao Lirong told reporters that because Bulgarian experts could not come to Beautéville, the Sino Bulgarian joint venture rose essential oil processing enterprise could not start and put into production. However, the goal of enrich ten thousand families remains unchanged. When the epidemic is under control in countries around the world, our rose planting plan can be put on the agenda again. Hou Juncheng’s plan for the development of Beautéville has not stopped. “Hangzhou is the capital of e-commerce, and the foundation of Internet development is quite good. We also plan to introduce Internet enterprises to the town and build an online live broadcasting base, so that e-commerce can directly enter the workshops of beauty enterprises and show the products of beauty enterprises of Beautéville more directly to consumers in the form of live broadcasting.” Hou Juncheng also revealed to reporters that he is planning a heavy new action for Beautéville. “The state proposes to lead high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation. How to make the high-level and high-quality development of the beauty industry requires a high-end technology platform. We are integrating the world’s top basic research scientists in cosmetics and establishing a China EU alliance of cosmetics industry scientists to be used by China’s beauty industry. Relevant results may be released at the 7th Cosmetics Industry Leaders’ Summit in November this year.” Mao Lirong said that if the China EU alliance of cosmetics industry scientists settled in Beautéville, it would definitely be an explosive action in the industry, because it would enhance the strategic position of the town in the national cosmetics industry.

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