Beautéville sets off an upsurge on the China Beauty Expo again
The annual China Beauty Expo is coming!On May 12, CBE officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo CenterG, collects the global brand and international trend resonance! Gather in Shanghai to d...

The annual China Beauty Expo is coming!

On May 12, CBE officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo CenterG, collects the global brand and international trend resonance!


Gather in Shanghai to discuss the future of the beauty industry and start a new journey!

 The CBE covers 230,000 square meters, over 3,200 companies, tens of thousands of brands gathered in Shanghai to share the beauty feast.

 Beautéville is located at EVIP6

The fashionable and beautiful design of the facade attracts many people's attention

On the first day of opening, many customers stopped to visit and consult


Beautévilles Exhibition Hall is full of people

 Beautéville selects 50 cooperative enterprises and presents them in the form of a large comprehensive exhibition area


There is a wide range of on-site exhibits provide a stage for cooperative enterprises to show and communicate with enterprises all over the world

Under the leadership of important government leaders, Beauty Health Association and Beautéville team visited the exhibition and sought high-quality cooperation enterprises, then have a in-depth exchanges with them, and seek common development.


Mao Lirong, vice chairman of education, science, culture and Health Committee of Huzhou people's Congress and director of Beautéville Management Committee led the team to visit the exhibition


专场推介 吸睛无数


The special promotion attracts countless attention

The hall was full of people

 Under the witness of important government leaders, global cosmetics related enterprises, industries and relevant media, Beautéville held special promotion meetings and several cooperative enterprise brand conferences

The general consultant made a speech in person


Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA personally introduced the speech


Business conference site

Domestic and foreign industry experts visit Beautéville

Beautéville is rich in global resources

 As a bridge and link of the global cosmetics industry, Beautéville has attracted people from all over the world to visit and exchange visits at this global beauty feast

Representatives from the embassies and consulates of Italy, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain and other countries, as well as the polish investment promotion agency and the British Chinese trade association, etc. have visited Beautéville one after another



The fair continues!

Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center

Beautéville is in EVIP6 exhibition hall

Waiting for you, let's go to beauty together!



Schematic diagram of booth


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