Beautéville appeared at Cosmetic 360 in France, showing its international level!
The Beautéville has been invited to participate in the Cosmetic360 exhibition in France for seven consecutive years, in order to better promote Chinese cosmetics and connect with international high-quality resources.

The Beautéville has been invited to participate in the Cosmetic360 exhibition in France for seven consecutive years, in order to better promote Chinese cosmetics and connect with international high-quality resources.

On October 18th, the Cosmetic360 exhibition, which integrates global innovative technologies, opened at the Louvre. Beautéville is fortunate to become the only Chinese beauty industry service platform in the Chinese beauty industry cluster that has participated in the Paris Summit for seven consecutive years. It not only showcases the charm of the Chinese cosmetics industry on the international stage, but also in China.


△ The Beautéville Study Delegation serves as the booth platform for the Beautéville exhibition


△ Founder of French Cosmetics Valley Ansel Visits the booth of Beautéville


Didier Garnier, Mayor of Chartres, France, Visits the booth of Beautéville


After the end of the first day of the exhibition, the Beautéville study delegation participated in the organizer’s banquet


△ Representative Hou Jun of the inspection team presented a silk scroll customized by Marc Antoine James, Chairman of the French Cosmetics Valley and Secretary General of LVMH Group, representing the friendship between China and France through the connection of beauty, where beauty coexists and shares beauty


At the exhibition site, there is a continuous flow of consulting customers

After the Cosmetic 360 exhibition, the Beautéville successfully held a business promotion dinner. Christophe MASSON, General Manager of the French Cosmetics Valley, and several representatives of well-known French cosmetics companies were invited to attend the event.They has a heated discussion!


Speech by Christophe MASSON, General Manager of the French Cosmetics Valley


Speech by Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA


Recommended by Shen Weiliang, President of Hangzhou Cosmetics Industry Association and President of OSM Biological Co., Ltd


Recommended by Shu Yifeng, President of the Beauty and Health Association of Beautéville  and Chairman of Zhejiang GIALEN Cosmetics Co., Ltd.


Cosmetic Valley, the host of the French Cosmetic Valley exhibition, was founded in 1994 and is a well-known industrial cluster in the global cosmetics industry. It covers a full industry network of technology research and development, raw materials, production, testing services, packaging design, training services, and trend prediction consulting services. At present, the French Cosmetics Valley has been recognized by the French government as an industrial cluster with a state-owned background in France, bringing together 800 large and small companies, including internationally renowned cosmetics companies such as French Guerlain, Chanel, L'Oreal, Shiseido of Japan, and Amory Pacific of South Korea. It has collaborated with 20 universities and research centers, including the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), to carry out 400 research projects and collaborative investments.


In October 2017, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Beautéville and France Cosmetics Valley

Since October 2015, Cosmetic Valley has organized the International Cosmetic Innovation Exhibition “Cosmetic 360” in Paris, leveraging the attractiveness of major brands and their unique international image to gather outstanding cosmetics companies from around the world and promote the French and international cosmetics industry. The French Cosmetics Valley Association is the most influential cosmetics technology and industry association in France, and has long maintained friendly cooperative relationships with Beautéville.

Cosmetic 360 Exhibition in France

If the Shanghai Beauty Exhibition is said to be a paradise for domestic cosmetics, then the Cosmetic 360 Exhibition is a feast for the global cosmetics industry. The COSMETIC 360 exhibition brings together professionals, industry leaders, and innovators from around the world, focusing on the common theme of “innovation”. From scientific research projects to small and medium-sized companies, to internationally renowned enterprises, it involves innovation in all core areas such as processes, marketing, technology, products, services, and is committed to promoting beauty technology innovation and achieving market value for innovative projects. At the same time, Cosmetic 360 exhibition has received high attention from the French government and governments around the world. French President Marcon, Minister of Economy Le Maire, and others have visited the conference site multiple times and had multiple conversations with Chinese exhibitors. The dialogue content was recorded by a dedicated person from the French government and became the main reference for France when formulating national policies for the exchange of cosmetics between China and France.


△ Beautéville’s participation of Cosmetic 360 Exhibition in French in Previous Years

As a global fashion center, France has a century long history of cosmetics and is in a leading position in the field of cosmetics. France has always been a well-known origin of essence and spices, a hotbed of innovative technology, and the origin of many beauty brands. These factors are good resources for cosmetics enterprises.

Beautéville has a deep affinity with France. Every exhibition, Beautéville strives to participate, not only to showcase the innovative achievements of the development of China’s cosmetics industry, but also to learn and seek advice from advanced domestic and foreign cosmetics industries, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and promote Chin’s cosmetics to be in line with international standards.


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