The 7th Cosmetics Industry Leaders Conference of Beautéville has come to a successful conclusion!
On November 17th, the 7th Cosmetics Industry Leaders Conference of Beautéville was held. The theme of the conference is “Quality leads development, beauty creates the future”. This conference gathered industry, academia, business, media, and public forces to jointly participate in the grand event of the Chinese cosmetics industry, continuously amplifying the advantages of “beauty” and spread the power of “beauty”.

On November 17th, the 7th Cosmetics Industry Leaders Conference of Beautéville was held. The theme of the conference is “Quality leads development, beauty creates the future”. This conference gathered industry, academia, business, media, and public forces to jointly participate in the grand event of the Chinese cosmetics industry, continuously amplifying the advantages of “beauty” and spread the power of “beauty”.


Yan Jiangying, president of China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, and Yan Zhi, second level inspector of the Cosmetics Supervision Department of the National Medical Products Administration attended the meeting. Wang Zhuangwu, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Medical Products Administration, Ruan Yeping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor, and Zhao Rulang, Secretary of the District Party Committee, delivered speeches respectively. District leaders Ding Fangfang, Ding Ting, Yin Xiaoming, and Shen Bing attended the meeting. Tang Xuedong, the Party Secretary of Daixi Town, delivered a report about the development of Beautéville. Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA, was also present. François Lerierce, the Mayor of Ebecourt in Jessol, Normandy, France, the leaders of PROYA, Fruida, Unilever, Shanghai Jiahua, Avon Leaders of enterprises such as Yu Meijing Fruitful, Unilever, Shanghai Jahwa, Avon, Yumeijing and other Government officials from many countries, domestic and foreign cosmetic industry associations, enterprise representatives, scientific research institutions, universities and other experts and other guests gathered here to share the event.


Wang Zuowu congratulated on the convening of the conference. He said, with the emerging of “appearance value economy”and the “beauty economy”, cosmetics has become one of the most dynamic consumer market. I hope that the majority of enterprises can firmly grasp the market development opportunities,then, base themselves in Zhejiang, take root in Zhejiang, and support Zhejiang. They will invest and develop in this hot land of Zhejiang, leverage their local scientific research advantages to strengthen technological innovation, strengthen product quality and safety awareness, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger, becoming the guardian and founder of Zhejiang’s cosmetics brand.


Ruan Yeping said, in recent years, Huzhou has taken the Beautéville as its core carrier, seized the wind vane, laid out the industrial chain, and explored a high-quality development path for the cosmetics industry. This conference will also promote the transformation of the cosmetics industry towards richer formats, more integrated industries, and more exciting development. Huzhou will expand and strengthen the cosmetics industry from a new starting point, striving to provide the largest stage, the best exhibition booth, and the best platform for industry exchange and cooperation development.


Zhao Rulang said, Wuxing beauty industry develops “from nothing to existence, from existence to excellence”. It is a microcosm of the “two mountains” . In the future, we will

we will start again from the perspective of “makeup”, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with developed regions of the beauty industry at home and abroad, accelerate the integration of enterprise resources in the cosmetics industry, build industrial development highlands, project gathering highlands, talent gathering highlands, and industry demonstration highlands, and strive to develop Beautéville into the “Oriental Glass”, painting a new picture of the development of the beauty industry.


Tang Xuedong said that the Beautéville is nurtured in beautiful mountains and rivers, imbued with millennium old cultural heritage, thriving at the forefront of the fashion industry. After developing for more than 8 years, it is now in a critical stage of transitioning from a “potential stock” to a “outstanding stock”, with a promising development momentum and leapfrog catching up with the future! Looking forward to sharing location dividends, industry blue ocean, element resources, and business paradise with the guests present and with the Beautéville .


Hou Juncheng stated that the Beautéville has been awarded the title of Excellent Specialty Town in Zhejiang Province for three consecutive years. It is a demonstration base for innovation supervision and high-quality development in Zhejiang, and the only core carrier area for the cosmetics industry during the 14th Five Year Plan period in Zhejiang Province. It has formed a group of distinctive enterprise clusters and has a great demonstration role.



Release of the Declaration on the High Quality Development of Chinese Cosmetics

At the conference, the Declaration on the High Quality Development of Chinese Cosmetics

jointly drafted by the China Daily Chemical Association, the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Cosmetics Chamber and other units was officially released to the public.


Wang Wanxu, Chairman of the China Daily Chemical Industry Association, stated that the Declaration on the High Quality Development of Chinese Cosmetics mainly guides the improvement of the responsibility awareness and technical level of cosmetics business entities from multiple aspects, promotes the establishment of a sound quality management system, strengthens integrity awareness and internal industry cooperation, and promotes healthy competition and orderly development of the industry.

The Declaration advocates that domestic cosmetic business entities should take the initiative to assume social responsibility for resource conservation and environmental protection, implement the development concept of green and low-carbon circulation, and accelerate the construction of a sustainable manufacturing system and a green and low-carbon technology support system; Accelerate the realization of low-carbon transformation and take the path of sustainable and high-quality development. At the same time, the first “Beautéville Global Selection Collection” was also launched simultaneously during the conference.



Three exciting talking to explore new trends in the industry’s future

This conference also focuses on the new trends of the future of the industry, inviting representatives of industry figures, young entrepreneurs, and female leaders to deeply explore how Chinese cosmetics can move towards a further future in the new era.

Among them, these three talking conducted in-depth exchanges on how technology empowers the research and innovation of cosmetics products, emphasizing that cutting-edge technology has become a new driving force for the development of the beauty industry in the context of consumer upgrading, intensified industry competition, and digital empowerment of the industry chain. In addition, representatives of beauty brands also raised the importance of culture and art in the construction of beauty brands, as well as the importance of emphasizing consumer experience in product design and efficacy components, in order to share more possibilities for recreating the value of the beauty industry.




In recent years, as a characteristic industry of Huzhou, the beauty industry has formed a certain scale through years of cultivation and development, achieving a historic leap from scratch to excellence. At present, Huzhou is fully supporting the construction of the infrastructure and supporting service support system of Beautéville, continuously expanding the industrial scale, and accelerating the development of the “beauty economy”.

So far, Beautéville has preliminarily formed a complete cosmetics industry chain that integrates raw material cultivation, research and development, production, packaging, logistics warehousing, and sales, with a total of 254 cosmetics and related enterprises settled in. As the only core carrier area of the cosmetics industry in Zhejiang during the 14th Five Year Plan period, it is accelerating into the fast lane of high-quality development.

Since the beginning of this year, Beautéville has added more than 30 various beauty industry production lines, more than 130 equipment, and over 200 types of raw materials and packaging materials, providing a good foundation for new orders and markets, and promoting the economic development of the beauty industry to show an upward trend. The data shows that the foreign trade export volume of Beautéville beauty enterprises increased by 220.5% year-on-year from January to September this year, and the “beauty economy” has once again become a powerful engine driving economic growth.

In addition to optimizing industries, Daixi continues to promote the construction of “industry, city, and park”, integrate the resources of the town’s business formats, accelerate the improvement of supporting facilities such as urban commerce, medical treatment, education, and living, and continuously meet the high-quality and diversified living needs of residents.

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