Emmanuel Macron successfully re-elected! Look at the amazing relationship between the Beautéville and the French President.
The result of the 2020 of French President Election came out -- Emmanuel Macron successfully re-elected! French incumbent President Emmanuel Macron attends a post-election celebration rally in Paris o...

The result of the 2020 of French President Election came out -- Emmanuel Macron successfully re-elected!



French incumbent President Emmanuel Macron attends a post-election celebration rally in Paris on April 24.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

According to the final tally, Macron defeated Le Pen (42.40%) in the second round with 57.60% of the votes and became the 26th president of France.

Time rewind to October 15t to 16th, 2015, when the French COSMETIC360 exhibition was held at the Louvre in Paris. During the show, Beautéville held its first global press conference to announce to the world that the construction of a Chinese cosmetics production base had begun in Huzhou, China. That summit attracted high attention from French mainstream media, and then French Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, came to the exhibition site and received all representatives of China Beautéville . 


At the press conference, Hou Juncheng, the general advisor of China Beautéville Management Committee, announced to the world and said that ‘Today, we came to Paris with a dream, a dream of the Chinese cosmetics industry. We will build a new, world-class Chinese cosmetics industry cluster in Huzhou, China, to comprehensively improve the development of the Chinese cosmetics industry for the benefit of Chinese and foreign consumers, and to provide a platform for cosmetic companies around the world to start their own businesses and develop the booming and rapidly changing Chinese cosmetic market.’ Hou Juncheng said that ‘China is in urgent need of an industrial highland like France’s ‘Cosmetic Valley’ to gather elements and resources of the entire cosmetic industry chain and to improve the efficiency of business operations and the overall level of the industry. China needs to provide the world with such a first-class base to provide a development platform for outstanding cosmetic and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises from all over the world to jointly develop the fast-growing Chinese cosmetic market and promote the sustainable development of the world cosmetic industry.



▲ Hou Juncheng, general consultant of Beautéville, introduced Beautéville to Macron and presented Macron with a gift from China personally.


Now, more than six years have passed since the first global conference of the Beautéville. Beautéville has firmly moved forward and stepped out of its own style step by step. Let’s take a look at the development of Beautéville.



Since its construction, Beautéville has firmly focused on the four major target positioning of ‘Beauty Industry Cluster Center, Beauty Culture Experience Center, Beauty Fashion Expo Center and Beauty Talent Technology Center’, built a whole industry chain dominated by beauty and committed to building a ‘Oriental Grasse’. Over the past six years, it has been rated as an excellent provincial characteristic town and ranked first in fashion Town, top ten provincial demonstration specialty towns, provincial industry benchmark towns, ‘Zhejiang cosmetics innovation supervision and high-quality development demonstration base’ and ‘2019-2020 provincial industry education integration demonstration base’. During the ‘14th five year plan’ period, as the only core bearing area of the cosmetics industry in Zhejiang Province, Beautéville led the development of the cosmetics industry and became one of the three major national cosmetics industry agglomeration centers in parallel with Oriental Beauty Valley in Shanghai and Baiyun Beauty Bay in Guangzhou.



Up to now, Beautéville has introduced 235 enterprises, including 214 cosmetic and related enterprises, with a total planned investment of 34.5 billion yuan, covering the whole industry chain of cosmetic raw material cultivation, production and R&D, packaging and design, logistics and storage, marketing services, etc. At the same time of building the whole industry chain of cosmetics, Beautéville fully explores the cultural connotation of the products, combines the deep historical and cultural heritage and good natural ecological environment, integrates the elements of culture, fashion, leisure, tourism, etc., and realizes the organic integration of ‘production, city, people and culture’.



Beautéville has signed strategic cooperation agreements with government agencies or industry associations of 29 countries, including the French Cosmetics Valley, the Korean Cosmetics Association and the Bulgarian National Essential Oil Production and Trade Association. With the support of industry resources and professional advantages, cosmetics enterprises from all over the world gather on the hot land of Huzhou and are striving to achieve the beautiful goal of ‘Oriental Grasse’ and achieve more people’s ‘beauty dream’.


In the future, Beautéville will go on with more fighting spirit, live up to expectations and move forward towards to achieve the goal of building a ‘Oriental Grasse’.

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