2017, Continue to Pursue the Dream
The 2017 New Year’s Day holiday was not yet over, and theinvestment team of China Beauty Town went on another journey.The lights on the high-speed road were a little dazzling,and starting at three in ...

The 2017 New Year’s Day holiday was not yet over, and theinvestment team of China Beauty Town went on another journey.

The lights on the high-speed road were a little dazzling,and starting at three in the morning gave a sense of working beneath the moon.Everyone was a little bit bleary in the bumpy ride, but they could hear a clearbaritone assigning work through the overseas call. To tell the truth, theGeneral Counsel of China Beauty Town with his two small tufts of moustache wasmore like a youth “alpha” rolling up his sleeves and working so hard ratherthan a successful boss at this moment! Behind him there is a hard-working,competent and clever “Wolf Team”!


Walking on the Road

At 1:00 on the streets of Israel, the General Counsel ofChina Beauty Town, just off the plane, sat on the stone steps of the door andtook out his cigarette. He narrowed his eyes with smoke swirling nearby, as ifenjoying this moment of leisure.

Once he took a flight of nearly 20 hours, spent 14 hoursback and forth on the road, and chewed just three loaves of bread one day justto hold an appointment with a customer; once he went to two countries without asingle halt to meet four merchants, returned to the hotel and threw himselfdeep into the sofa, sleeping through the night; once he reasoned by truth andtouched with heart to break through the psychological defense of foreigndignitaries, until they voiced support and took the initiative to visit thebeauty town… 365 days in a year, and he spent more than half of it on the road.

Deep Ploughing in the Park

Whether under the hot sun or in the cold wind of rainydays, as long as there are merchants to visit, these are just nothing. Most ofthem are government officials, but they are actually the “waiter” here who oncereceived up to 8 guests a day at home and repeated an introduction for 8 timespatiently, only to accurately convey the information of the Beauty Town to theguests. Especially in the G20 period, they worked three days and three nightswithout sleep, and still managed to receive the merchants freshly in the nextday.

After the project is launched, they provide one-to-oneservice to perfect, for no other reason than deliver on their promise at thebeginning. Do what we said in a thoroughgoing manner!

International Arena

When the media reporters visited the town and sincerelyexclaimed that there can be no second green ecological park in China like theBeauty Town; when the foreign merchants marveled at the sand table of theBeauty Town “this is the place where products of international brands aremade”; when Chinese scientists who have worked abroad for several years andtake a place in the international medical field said in front of the shimmeringripples “I want to spend the rest of my life here”; when foreign investorsworried about whether the product can be successfully filed in China and thenext day the leaders of State Food and Drug Administration answered theirquestions face to face; when the merchants appraised the Beauty Town as with“good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations”… Looking back,they are just smiling in the international arena, delivering the voice ofBeauty Town to the world.

Dawn on the Construction Site

Every morning, when people are still asleep, the hum of themachines at the construction site came. From September to December, 2016, itrained continually, and the continuous sunny days available for fieldconstruction in the three months were less than 20 days! In such a gap, thebuilders of Cosmetics Technology Incubator Park worked from dawn to dusk, onlyto make an early start of the construction.

There are also builders from foreign countries who, regardless of alternating winter and summer, always root in the front line of Beauty Town and work hard for their dreams. Such as the  HANBUL cosmetics project, started on July 28, 2016 and successfully finished on December 7 in the same year, it only took less than 5 months to complete a total of 2 floors and 17,000 square meters of factory building, creating a new speed of Beauty Town!

Warmth of the Family

As the responsible Investment Officer of Beauty Town, sheis motivated and flings herself upon her work, not knowing for how long she hasnot returned her home far away. The beginning of the New Year coincides withher birthday, the Management Committee of the Beauty Town gathered together tocelebrate. It’s just a simple birthday meal, but it made the “tough girl” whonever complains cry her eyes out. It is never easy outside, but here we canfeel the family-like friendship.

Builders of China Beauty Town are from different countriesand regions. They gather together with the same dream, support each other inwork and take care of each other in life. It is the warmth of the friendshipthat makes everyone settle here confidently in the Beauty Town and workknowingly for the common dream.

Wonderful Moments

They don’t have holidays, tirelessly rushing around thesmokeless battlefield, but their efforts and sincerity finally brought themgreat achievements…

At the beginning of 2017, when the investmentteam traveled around European and African for promotion of China Beauty Town,other leaders of the Management Committee led a team to Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Fujian and other places to visit customers, participate in various annualassociation activities, and constantly consolidate the basis of nationalstrategic cooperation of China Beauty Town.

In 2017, the China Beauty Town continues to run on the roadof dream. If you have a dream, and if you still have the passion, please joinus! Together with China Beauty Town, we shall build a better tomorrow ofChina’s cosmetics industry chain!


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