Using beauty as a medium to build a bridge of exchange between the cosmetic industry of China and Korea
Discovering beauty, creating beauty, spreading beauty At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread over the country, and the communication between the countries was gradually interr...

Discovering beauty, creating beauty, spreading beauty

 At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread over the country, and the communication between the countries was gradually interrupted. Faced with difficulties, Beautéville established the Beautéville Investment Office in Korea in June 2020 to play an important role in deepening cooperation and exchange between China and Korea and realizing the dream of China's cosmetic industry under the pandemic. In terms of international connection and cooperation, the office provides a good platform and window for enterprises to better connect with Korean cosmetic companies and associations and reach cooperation.

Creating the "Oriental Grasse"

The dream of Hou Juncheng, chairman of PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and general consultant of Beautéville, is to create an "Oriental Grasse" in China. Although there are boundaries between countries, there are no boundaries between the global cosmetic industry. As a link and bridge between the global cosmetic industry, Beautéville introduces high-end cosmetic terminals and supporting industries at home and abroad, and is a big platform for high-quality cosmetic enterprises all over the world to gather, so that Chinese cosmetic enterprises can have a more global vision and a higher pattern through communication, cooperation and resource sharing.


General consultant Hou Juncheng is inviting investment all over the world

During the construction of Beautéville, Hou Juncheng realized that it was difficult for SMEs with excellent technology but insufficient capital to enter the Chinese market. Therefore, Beautéville policies from the standpoint of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and operates in the innovative mode of "government + enterprise + fund", and the entry of social capital helps integrate resources across borders and integrate development. At the same time, for those foreign enterprises who don't know much about China's system and market, Beautéville introduces one-to-one supporting services, which solves all kinds of difficulties for enterprises.

As the only core bearing area of the cosmetic industry in Zhejiang Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Beautéville has introduced 165 enterprises, including 151 cosmetic and related enterprises, with a total planned investment of 31.6 billion yuan. Hou Juncheng stressed that the success of Beautéville is closely related to the settlement of Korean enterprises, such as IT’S HANBUL, YONWOO, COSON and other famous Korean cosmetic enterprises.


Panorama of Beautéville

Beautéville Korea Investment Promotion Office

The pandemic did not stop the dream of Beautéville to become "Oriental Grasse". After the establishment of the Korea Investment Office, Beautéville has actively communicated with Korean cosmetic associations and companies, and invited more than 100 Korean cosmetic companies to conduct online briefing sessions and seminars on the Chinese cosmetic market. In addition, it also held an online seminar with Mediheal (L&P Cosmetics Mediheal Brand Company), the top ranking company in mask sales, to introduce the Chinese cosmetics industry and introduce Beautéville.


Beautéville Korea Investment Promotion Office also promoted Beautéville by uploading the Korean version of the introduction of Beautéville on the Korea Cosmetic Association website and maintained a close relationship with the vice president of the association. The vice president of the association expressed his hope that the office would also come to the regional event of the Korea Cosmetic Association in 2021, so that Korean companies could better understand the Chinese cosmetics market and promote the investment attracting activities of Beautéville.


Park Gung-sup, head of the Beautéville Korea Investment Promotion Office, and Lee Myung-kyu, vice president of the Korea Cosmetic Association (right)

 Park Gung-sup, head of the Beautéville Korea Investment Promotion Office, is an industry expert in the cosmetics industry for more than 30 years and has been an advisor to China Beautéville since 2020 after spending half of his life in China as the representative of Amore Cosmetics China and the managing director of the Korea Kolmar Cosmetics China Representative Office. Through his cosmetic industry connections accumulated between China and Korea, he conveys the news of the Chinese cosmetic industry and helps to realize Hou Juncheng's beauty dream in both countries.

As an assistant of the Korean investment office, Lee Myung-kyu has been living in China for 10 years, and based on his understanding of the Chinese cosmetics market, he is now also working hard to realize the dream of Beautéville in Korea.

The worries of Korean cosmetic companies

 What is the biggest worry of Korean cosmetic companies at the present? Is it the COVID-19 pandemicNo, its not.

Due to the rapid growth of Chinese cosmetics enterprises, Korean cosmetics enter the Chinese market, and its development in China is more and more difficult. In order to solve these problems, Beautéville Korea Investment Promotion Office signed a Letter of Intent for Cooperation with Korea Beauty Industry Trade Association (KOBITA) and Korea Cosmetics OEM Association in November 2020, sharing the advantages and development vision of Beautéville as the association's Chinese partner and inviting Korean companies and associations to visit Beautéville after the pandemic.


Signing the Letter of Intent for Cooperation with KOBITA Korea


Signing the Letter of Intent for Cooperation between Beautéville and Korea OEM Association

Challenges and opportunities coexist. The establishment of the Korea Investment Promotion Office will certainly become an important link between the Chinese cosmetic market and Korean cosmetic companies, further strengthen and expand the close cooperation with partners, and contribute to the Chinese cosmetic industry gaining international reputation.

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