Heavyweight funds signed and settled, and the Beautéville wants to take off
On October 28, Zhejiang Innovation and Development Capital Management Co., Ltd, Zhejiang HCSOO Investment Co., Ltd and Beautéville Management Committee officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Through the establishment of the

On October 28, Zhejiang Innovation and Development Capital Management Co., Ltd, Zhejiang HCSOO Investment Co., Ltd and Beautéville Management Committee officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Through the establishment of the beauty consumption digital industry fund (hereinafter referred to as the beauty industry fund), it is used to integrate the resources of the beauty industry at home and abroad, promote the capitalization of beauty enterprises, truly empower the beauty industry and let the development of the town take off.


Zhejiang Innovation Development Capital Management Co., Ltd is a market-oriented and professionally operated fund management company under the state-owned capital of Zhejiang Province, which can provide fund filing, information disclosure, daily management and compliance services in China Securities Investment Fund Association for Beauty Industry Fund, and is responsible for assisting the landing and coordination of Beauty Industry Fund’s supporting industrial parks, as well as the application and coordination of local government guidance funds.

Zhejiang HCSOO Investment Co., Ltd is a well-known professional venture capital institution in Zhejiang province for consumer and retail track, with deep accumulation and rich experience in big consumption and new retail industry, and has formed a complete and mature system of early project screening, evaluation, investment and incubation, which can assist the beauty industry fund in subsequent landing and operation management of fund raising, investment, management and retirement.

At the symposium, the Municipal People’s Congress, deputy director of the UNESCO Committee, Beautéville Management Committee Director Mao Lirong said that Beautéville has a well-known beauty industry base and industrial resources platform in the domestic and global beauty industry, with a more complete beauty industrial park, beauty industry chain layout and beauty industry associations and head enterprise resources. Beauty industry has profound potential and development prospect, and Beautéville is fully in line with the investment direction of industrial capital during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, so both parties can be said to be an instant match.


The two sides reached a consensus on how to give full play to the resource advantages of each party to empower the beauty industry and create a unique beauty industry fund.


△ Formal signing


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