With 225 patents and 9 national standards, 18-year-old PROYA will create more possibilities
Starting to build the future scientific and technological power, the 18-year-old PROYA has gone beyond the present.

Starting to build the future scientific and technological power, the 18-year-old PROYA has gone beyond the present.

In recent years, the rise of emerging consumer groups and new needs has led to huge changes in the beauty market. Born in traditional channels, PROYA is undoubtedly an iconic brand of successful transformation of national products in the new environment. Continuously practicing the transformation policy of brand rejuvenation and technology power, and continuously launching the "top stream explosive products" that have exploded in the market, PROYA has continuously "broken the circle" to harvest the double victory of voice and sales in the new market environment. From January to August this year, PROYA even won the Top 1 of the national products in the business platform Tiktok live beauty products with goods. With solid R & D, excellent products and marketing strategies close to young people, PROYA has achieved a good reputation in new channels, new consumers and even KOL.


On September 25, on the occasion of the brand’s 18th anniversary, PROYA held a round-table meeting with the theme of “Exploring the source power of technology”. A number of invited KOL visited PROYA’s R&D innovation center, traced the source in depth, and had a round-table dialogue with Perrier's R&D scientists and R&D engineers. While discussing more possibilities of skincare with KOL, PROYA also showed its solid R&D strength, rigorous product development process behind its reputation and sales, as well as its original intention of exploring technology and continuous innovation.


After 18 years of intensive research and development, PROYA has become a domestic brand with the most academic achievements

In a round-table meeting with KOL, Jiang Ligang, Chief R&D Officer of PROYA R&D Innovation Center, introduced in detail the history and achievements of PROYA’s R&D innovation. In 2008, PROYA built a factory and started independent R&D production; In 2013, PROYA set up a professional in vitro and human efficacy evaluation team and improved the precision instrument analysis team; In 2018, PROYA accelerated the process of independent R&D of raw materials; In 2018, PROYA accelerated the process of independent research and development of raw materials, and the 3,000-square-meter PROYA R&D room was built, with a fully functional laboratory and a large number of master and doctoral researchers, which has become a very powerful research center among domestic cosmetic companies, providing an international top research environment for all aspects of the R&D and innovation process of products and new technologies.


As we all know, R & D strength and supply chain capability are the cornerstone of brand sustainable development. No matter Estee Lauder, Lancome, Shiseido and La Prairie, the building of long-term brand is bound to be based on its deep R & D capability and supply chain capability. As the “light of domestic goods”, PROYA has increased its R & D investment over the years from the establishment of the factory to independent R & D, and achieved “high input and high output”. As of September this year, PROYA has 225 patents, participated in the formulation of 3 industry standards, 9 national standards and 11 group standards, and its core technicians have published more than 56 documents in core journals at home and abroad. Such achievements cannot be achieved without long-term and high investment R & D costs.


Core technology forges core products, and PROYA’s strong scientific research strength and superior products have also received positive feedback in the market. Since 2020, PROYA has launched star products such as Double Anti-Essence, Ruby Essence and Source Power Repair Essence. PROYA’s financial report shows that in the first three quarters of last year, the revenue of the essence category accounted for more than 10% of the overall revenue, the essence of the explosive products become one of the “engine” of PROYA, which also repeatedly confirms the success of the brand in the field of scientific research and innovation, consumer insight.


It is worth noting that in the 31st IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) Congress in 2020, POYA presented 8 major scientific research results, and PROYA became the Chinese cosmetic brand with the largest number of academic results presented at the conference.

Deepening global raw material cooperation

Moving forward with the development of original global ingredients

In recent years, the rise of the “ingredient party” has brought cosmetic ingredients and raw materials to the attention of the industry. After the official implementation of the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics this year, ingredient innovation has become a new windfall under the will of the state, with higher quality, scarcer and more original ingredients giving companies stronger competitiveness. In this regard, PROYA has obviously been ahead. Its star explosive products such as red gem are the raw material innovation and innovation of cosmetics enterprises A vivid example of global raw material cooperative development.


In terms of raw material selection, PROYA has reached exclusive strategic cooperation and established anti-aging skin care research centers with a number of global science and technology laboratories, including LipoTrue, the international peptide family of Spain, BASF, the world's number one cosmetic raw material giant, Ashland, the U.S. specialty materials expert, CODIF, the French marine biotechnology expert, and CEVA, the French national algae research institute, to jointly develop New patented ingredients and higher quality formulations. For example, PROYA cooperated with LipoTrue, the Spanish peptide family, to compound 20% hexapeptide to create the star product Ruby Essence, and “20% hexapeptide” has become one of the most profound memory points of Ruby Essence, and has become the main attraction for KOL.


PROYA also cooperated with the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to continue joint research and development in three areas: antioxidant, skin repair and anti-aging, enabling product innovation and iteration. By cooperating with top suppliers and R&D institutions at home and abroad, PROYA has further expanded the depth and breadth of its R&D. At present, in the development of new raw materials, PROYA has obtained fruitful scientific research results in synthetic biology technology, enzymatic green synthesis technology (new raw materials on file), natural microbial fermentation technology (3 national authorized invention patents have been obtained), carrier technology (31 national authorized invention patents have been obtained), and natural product structure modification technology.


In addition, in recent years, PROYA has also devoted itself to the development of independent raw materials, moved towards the development process of global original raw materials, and gradually realized source innovation. It is understood that PROYA has invested 218 million to build PROYA Longwu R & D center and International Academy of Sciences, and jointly develop exclusive patent components with international cutting-edge biotechnology laboratories, aiming to become the strongest R & D center in the whole Asian region.

In depth skin research and efficacy evaluation

Be a domestic brand that knows Chinese skin best

During the KOL’s visit to PROYA’s R&D center, PROYA also focused on demonstrating its excellent ability to research Chinese consumers’ skin texture and test the efficacy of products, and invited KOLs\ to participate in the live experience of human efficacy instruments to show the immediate effect of products and give KOL a more personal experience. Take Ruby Serum as an example, its product human safety and efficacy have been tested by professional instruments such as spot testers, Visia-CR (facial image analyzer), Primos-lite (3D streak light imaging and analysis system) and skin ultrasound, so safety and efficacy are effectively guaranteed.


PROYA also built a high-throughput 3D printing Asian skin model joint experimental center with Hangzhou Jienuofei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., headed by academician Fu Xiaobing, President of the Academy of life sciences of the PLA General Hospital, which uses 3D skin models to verify the safety and efficacy of cosmetic raw materials and finished products, so as to further improve PROYA’s scientific evaluation system, Protect product safety and efficacy. Obviously, whether it is R & D and production, efficacy testing and skin research, PROYA has established an all-round, systematic and rigorous product development process, is gradually changing the public's stereotype of the backward scientific and technological power of domestic products, and is gradually moving towards the “top class” position of domestic products with excellent market performance. According to PROYA’s financial report, following the continuous growth of revenue and net profit in 2019 and 2020, PROYA continued to maintain the momentum of rapid growth in the first half of this year, realizing a revenue of RMB 1.918 billion, a year-on-year increase of 38.53%, and a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of RMB 226 million, a year-on-year increase of 26.48%.


What's more, the establishment of PROYA-Longwood R&D center and international scientific research institute shows that PROYA, the R&D giant, is not only in the present but also in the future to build up its technological power and gradually seize the market opportunities. In its research report on PROYA, ZS Securities also praised PROYA without mincing words: “PROYA is the most promising beauty group to become a Cihnese L'Oreal.” At just 18 years old, PROYA is a vivid example for the sustainable development of Chinese cosmetics companies, and will create more possibilities for national products.


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