【Good news】Beautéville on the list of beautiful town construction provincial model!
On December 21, the leading group for urban and rural environmental improvement in Zhejiang Province announced the 2021 annual assessment and acceptance results of the construction of beautiful towns ...

On December 21, the leading group for urban and rural environmental improvement in Zhejiang Province announced the 2021 annual assessment and acceptance results of the construction of beautiful towns in Zhejiang new era. Daixi Town, Wuxing District, where Beautéville is located, was listed as the provincial model for the construction of beautiful towns.


2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan and the key year for the construction of beautiful cities and towns. Wuxing district closely focuses on the overall deployment and work requirements of the province and city, takes the “ten ones” landmark project as the basic requirements, focuses on the “five beauties” construction, plans from a high starting point and constructs with high standards, and makes every effort to promote the construction of beautiful cities and towns in the new era.



The location of Beautéville, Daixi Town, is a national health town, provincial civilized town, provincial beautiful countryside demonstration town, provincial garden town, and provincial model for comprehensive improvement of small town environment. Since the start of the construction of beautiful towns, we have adhered to the working idea of “based on characteristics and guidance, focusing on integrated development”, focused on key projects and improving supporting facilities, focused on building “one valley, one district and one city”, and comprehensively promoted the creation of provincial models of beautiful towns and demonstration areas of common prosperity.


Based on branding, with industrial characteristics

Promote “industrial beauty” multi-point flowering


After several years of development, the town has formed a distinctive industrial cluster with clear direction, precise focus and staggered development. 190 cosmetic enterprises have been introduced, covering the whole industrial chain of cosmetic production and R&D, packaging design, logistics and storage, marketing services, etc., with a total planned investment of 32 billion yuan. While building the whole industry chain of cosmetics, we fully explore the cultural connotation of the products, combine the deep historical and cultural heritage and good natural ecological environment, and integrate the elements of culture, fashion, leisure and tourism to realize the organic integration of “industry, city, people and culture”.


Based on the taste, with the whole area scenic area

Promote the beautiful transformation of “environmental beauty”



With top-level design as the leader, key projects as the grasp, supporting perfection as the focus, and population concentration as the guide, we accelerate the beautiful transformation of Daixi from a town to a city. According to the action plan of beautiful town construction, 31 “five beautiful” construction projects are planned to be implemented from 2020 to 2022, with a total planned investment of 2.495 billion yuan, all of which have been started and a total investment of 2.354 billion yuan completed, realizing the basic completion of the three-year task in two years. The implementation of the “beautiful town + Fashion Valley” construction, a total investment of 500 million yuan, to create a landscape belt under the Shenyang, has started the parade trail, the riverfront theater, wetland park, visitor center and other supporting projects construction. Implementing the construction of beautiful town, with a total investment of 835 million yuan, implementing key supporting facilities projects such as cultural and commercial complex, beauty micro headquarters, scenario commercial street, small and micro industrial park and international industrial park supporting complex. The construction of “beautiful town + key traffic” is implemented, and the reconstruction of the 104 national highway Daixi section is carried out with a total investment of 1.82 billion yuan.

Based on the quality of products, with the well-being of people’s livelihood

Promote the “beauty of life” level leap



The town carry out the construction of demonstration sites for “micro transformation and fine upgrading”, recover the idle resources in the town, add 7 “pocket parks” and increase people’s leisure space. The town open the intercity bus line from Daixi to Deqing, the life service vehicle of Beautéville, and the shared booster vehicle of “sketch travel” operated by a third party, so as to facilitate people’s travel in a variety of ways. The town promote the upgrading of county, township and village roads and the improvement of road environment with high standards. By the end of the year, all roads will have a grade of more than three, so as to ensure “green during the day, bright at night and cultural background”, and improve the comfort and satisfaction of people’s travel. The two happy neighborhood centers in the town and Qiaoxi village will be opened, and the “golden years” and other third-party elderly care and disability services will be brought into full play to promote the construction of the medical care system.


Based on the characterization, each beauty has its unique charm

Promote “humanistic beauty” cultural empowerment


Revitalize the cultural resources of the old streets in the town and create a localized and characteristic practice position of civilization in the new era: revitalize the “shangqiangli post” of the book stack to convey the fragrance of books and enhance exchanges, the “Chinese cartoon cabin” of the research class to tell stories and reproduce the local culture with comics, the “Zhang Ji scale shop” with moral strength and model guidance, and promote patriotism “Exhibition hall of people’s exemplary deeds” and so on. Connect points into lines to create a “cultural circle” at the door of people’s homes, so that people can improve their sense of happiness, gain and satisfaction from participating in and inheriting culture.


Based on the quality, digital means to promote

Improve the level of “governance beauty”


  Based on the goal of “overall smart governance”, the construction of Xiaoyangshan smart community, Beautéville smart park, smart city management digital platform, around the use of good scenes, timely convergence of data information, the formation of “remote + close up + intelligent analysis + warning + disposal” of efficient Emergency disposal mode. Deeply promote the “a team of law enforcement” provincial pilot, innovative launch of the normalization of "comprehensive check once", sort out and undertake 593 matters right, focus on integrated reform to promote, clarify departmental functions, strengthen the construction of personnel, integration of law enforcement forces, and focus on building Grid governance, linkage command, integrated law enforcement “trinity” of the new model of grassroots governance, to promote the modernization of regional governance system reform.

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