Keep watching for the original intention and walking together. The second anniversary celebration of Beautéville’s Beauty and Health Association.
In 2020, the beauty health association took root in Beautéville, with its initial dream, carrying the initial dream to unite and forge ahead on the road of beauty industry development. Today, on the s...


In 2020, the beauty health association took root in Beautéville, with its initial dream, carrying the initial dream to unite and forge ahead on the road of beauty industry development. Today, on the second anniversary, in the same place, various enterprises from the Beautéville and the surrounding related enterprises gathered together. on July 15, under the premise of doing a good job of all epidemic prevention and control, the second anniversary celebration of the establishment of Beautéville Beauty Health Association and the first four general meetings were held in Beautéville International Beauty Fashion Expo Center. The relevant government leaders, association president, vice presidents, directors, member representatives and representatives of sister associations, a total of more than two hundred people gathered together to talk about beauty, cooperation and development, to celebrate the second anniversary of the establishment of Beautéville Beauty and Health Association, to witness this important milestone in the development history of the association. With the theme of ‘Sincery hearts, excellent win-win’, the anniversary celebration summarized the achievements of Beautéville Beauty and Health Association since its establishment and signed a beauty convention. The event was attended by Mao Lirong, Director of Beautéville Management Committee, Tang Xuedong, Secretary of Party Committee of Daixi Town, Li Lan, Director of Wuxing District Working Department of Shanghai Liaison Office, Director of Wuxing District Business Bureau, Hou Juncheng, Permanent Honorary Chairman of Beauty Health Association, Chairman of PROYA Cosmetics Co. Ltd, Fu Dizhong and representatives of relevant government departments and member companies.


The fourth session of the first Council


At 13:30 pm, the first fourth council meeting of Beautéville Beauty and Health Association was formally held, which was chaired by President Shuang Yifeng. At the meeting, the council considered and adopted the association’s 2021 annual work report and 22-year work plan. The meeting considered the financial income and expenditure and balance of 2021 and voted for the beauty convention. Together we reviewed and shared the development history and fruitful results of the association in the past two years, which showed the association’s commitment to shoulder resistance. It deepened the consensus to help each other, boosted the confidence to overcome the difficulties together, looked forward to the new vision of the future, and drew the ambition of the beautiful development in the future. In the past two years, there are achievements and shortcomings, in the future. Beautéville Beauty and Health Association will continue to do a good job in the development of member services, focusing on improving quality and consolidating the image of the Association;. The association will continue to do a good job in serving member companies, think about what members want, help solve various development problems of member companies, and continue to do a good job in promoting the work.


02 General Meeting of All Members

At 3 p.m., the first four general meetings of the Beautéville Health Association were held on time. During the meeting, Chen Min, secretary general of Beautéville Beauty Health Association, chairman of Huzhou Dongwu Flavors Co., Ltd, Shuang Yifeng, chairman of Beautéville Beauty Health Association, chairman of Zhejiang GaoYan Technology Co. Ltd., Mao Lirong, permanent honorary chairman of Beautéville Beauty and Health Association, chairman of PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and general consultant of Beautéville, Hou Juncheng, and Tang Xuedong, secretary of Party Committee of Daxi Town, made wonderful speeches on stage.

President Shu first delivered a speech: Thank leaders at all levels for their deep support and love, as well as the strong support of association members, and thank outstanding enterprises in society for their attention and sponsorship of the event. I have made a work report and work plan to you. Over the past two years, I have been in the same boat, inclusive and understanding of the shortcomings and childishness of the association. Now the association has grown up and matured. It's fate. Let’s get together here as a family. In this ‘love’ family, we gather together to celebrate our own birthday! Finally, I wish the association will continue to grow in development and make greater contributions to the beauty industry. On June 10, 2020, the Beautéville beauty Health Association (hereinafter referred to as the ‘association’) was officially established. Over the past two years, the association has been committed to the construction and development of the cosmetics industry, actively playing the role of a bridge and link. Through participating in and holding various activities, it has effectively integrated the resources of the cosmetics industry, promoted the exchange and cooperation of industry enterprises, and provided strong support for the rapid development of Beautéville and the cosmetics industry.

Shuang Yifeng summarized the association’s achievements in serving members, organization building, industry self-regulation and brand building into four points: First, it breathes with the industry and shares the same fate, what enterprises need, what the association provides. Insist on holding at least one exchange activity between enterprises every month, thinking, learning, organizing, planning, innovating service mode and improving work level. The second is to give full play to the functions of the association and do a good job in the connection between the government and enterprises. Through the link of association, enterprises and governments, enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and associations, enterprises and society will be connected more closely and effectively. The association actively acts as a bridge with the superior competent units, assists the government departments in the relevant information of the beauty industry, completes and reports the dynamic information of the association, industry research reports and other relevant materials, and becomes a consultant and assistant for the superior leaders to understand the market information and industry conditions. Third, make use of various platform resources to highlight the brand image of Beautéville. Make rational use of resources, continue to expand the association, actively participate in industry exhibitions, and display brand image. Keep close cooperation with beauty exhibitions, share exhibition information and resources, do a good job in relevant cooperation and services, organize and coordinate member enterprises to participate in and watch exhibitions, understand and master the development trend of the industry, and show the brand style of Beautéville.


Shuyifeng, President of Beautéville beauty health association and chairman of Zhejiang Gaoyan Technology Co., Ltd


Subsequently, Li Lan, director of Wuxing District Work Department of Shanghai liaison office and director of Wuxing District Bureau of Commerce, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests who attend the meeting! She said: “We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign cosmetics enterprises to settle in Daixi, invest in Daixi, and come to this fashionable hot land to pursue dreams and create brilliance. We also hope that the beauty health association will continue to provide guidance and services to member units to promote the healthy and rapid development of the cosmetics industry in the Beautéville; continue to be the adviser and assistant for government decision-making, continue to be the bridge and link between the government and enterprises, and promote the cooperation between enterprises, the government and all sectors of society Communication and interaction”.


Li Lan, director of Wuxing District Work Department of Shanghai liaison office and director of Wuxing District Bureau of Commerce

With rapid development, 55 enterprises have newly joined the association

Beautéville Beauty and Health Association has been committed to the construction and development of the cosmetics industry, actively playing the role of a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, with the purpose of ‘building a world fashion beauty valley and serving the beauty and health industry’. With the continuous development of the association, the number of members has been increasing, and there are now 101 quality members in Beautéville Beauty and Health Association. In this meeting, new member companies were introduced and the president and secretary-general issued membership certificates and address books to the new members. The issuance of the certificate officially kicked off the above units into the association, which also marked the association stepped into a new journey, and the new member enterprises joined the Beautéville to bring new vitality.



Representatives of new enterprises receive the membership certificate on stage


Since its establishment, Beautéville has attached great importance to the standardized development of enterprises. All enterprises settling in Beautéville must sign the beauty convention of Beautéville, and take ‘law-abiding, fair, honest, innovative and sustainable development’ as the basic principle of cooperation, which is the basic requirement of honest development. Daixi has established the country's first cosmetics industry supervision institute, and is also focusing on supervision through innovative measures. The association has been actively assisting government departments to strengthen industry management. As the executive agency of the beauty convention, this time the beauty convention is revised to coordinate, supervise and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of conference enterprises, and guide cosmetics enterprises to take the sustainable development path of standardized standards.



On the left is chairman Shu Yifeng and on the right is general counsel Mao Lirong


Hou Juncheng particularly stressed that the association should do a good job as a bridge and link in the cosmetics industry, maintain smooth information channels, and promote exchanges and close cooperation between regional associations and enterprises. Since the construction of the Beautéville was started, it has always adhered to the development concept of ‘integration of production, ecology and life’ and ‘four in one’ of industry, culture, tourism and community, so as to create a whole industry chain dominated by beauty. Under the epidemic, we should base ourselves on the advantages of the industrial chain of Beautéville, seek the complementary advantages of industrial agglomeration and platform resources, win-win altruism, strong alliance, and become bigger and stronger, and strive to achieve the goal of ‘building a 100 billion level beauty industry in Zhejiang’.


Permanent Honorary President of Beauty and Health Association, Chairman of PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and General Advisor of Beautéville Management Committee Hou Jun presented


Subsequently, Tang Xuedong, Secretary of the Party committee of Daixi Town, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests attending the meeting! Express sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to friends who have always cared about and supported the development of Beautéville! He said, ‘this year, Wuxing district has set up a leading group for the high-quality development of the fashion and beauty industry. Our Beautéville will take this opportunity to accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign cosmetics industry resources, build a high-quality development demonstration area and core bearing area of the cosmetics industry in Zhejiang Province, and make the beauty industry a ‘new business card’ of Huzhou and even Zhejiang. I sincerely invite all entrepreneurs to stay in Daixi for a walk, have a look, experience the good mountains and water, taste the famous food and taste the new style and charm of Daixi. At the same time, I hope you can make use of your own high-quality resources and influence to continue to speak for the investment promotion of Daixi beauty and praise the development environment of Daixi.’



Tang Xuedong, Party Secretary of Daixi Town



Group photo of the anniversary celebration


This is an unforgettable evening. The dinner exchange session is in a warm and friendly atmosphere. In the cheerful song, we mingle, talk about beauty love, promote each other, talk about cooperation, and wish together the continuous development of Beautéville!



Wu Jinpei, Zhang Aidong, Wang Sheng, Chen Min, Lin Tiaohui, Shuang Yifeng, Mao Lirong, Fang Hangbo, Lin Wenqing, Li inheritance (from left to right) cut the second anniversary cake together

In the future, the Beautéville beauty health association will work together with all member units to create the world’s golden card of Beautéville and jointly create a better day for the industry!

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