Hou Juncheng, the general consultant of Beautéville, was elected as the honorary president of Hangzhou cosmetics industry association and won the industry outstanding contribution award
A few days ago, the seventh and fourth general meetings of Hangzhou cosmetics industry association were held in Zhejiang Hotel, mainly to review the work and financial reports of the third Association...

A few days ago, the seventh and fourth general meetings of Hangzhou cosmetics industry association were held in Zhejiang Hotel, mainly to review the work and financial reports of the third Association and elect the leading group of the fourth Association.

This is a grand event for the cosmetics industry in Hangzhou. Although more than 20 members were unable to attend the meeting due to the pandemic, nearly 100 enterprises from the greater Hangzhou Economic Circle, such as cosmetics brands, production, packaging materials, e-commerce, channels, consulting services and professional media, participated in the meeting on behalf of all sub sectors of the cosmetics industry chain.


Hou Juncheng, General Consultant of Beautéville and Chairman of PYORA, as the president of the Third Council of the association, made The Work Report of the Third Association, The Work Summary of 2012 and The Work Plan of 2002, and was elected as the honorary president of the fourth council of the association, winning the industry outstanding contribution award.



he General Assembly highly appreciated and fully affirmed the selfless dedication and hard work of Hou Juncheng in organizing and leading the association during his third term as the president, and especially awarded Hou Juncheng the medal of ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ Mr. Ge Weiping, Director of Hangzhou Social Organizations Administration, presented the medal to him.


In April 2012, General Counselor Hou Juncheng was elected as the president of the second council of the association and was re-elected as the president of the third council. In the past ten years, under the guidance and assistance of government departments at all levels and through the joint efforts of all members, Hangzhou Cosmetic Industry Association has been awarded as ‘Advanced Social Organization’ and ‘Excellent Industry Association’ by the government and relevant departments for many times, and has been rated as 5A level for two consecutive terms. The association’s influence and reputation have been continuously expanded and enhanced.


In the past ten years, relying on the vigorous development of the beauty industry, the association has also grown rapidly, with its members developing from more than 50 to more than 100, its sales model developing from the original traditional sales to the current online and offline multi-channels, and its sales increasing from the original 10 billion yuan to the current 30 billion yuan.

In the past ten years, through the ‘go out’ strategy, the Association has organized members, together with peers to the United States, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea and more than a dozen countries such as cosmetics companies and markets for special visits. The association also visits to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the cosmetic industry to visit and learn, track the international cosmetics professional information, keep up with international Cosmetics cutting-edge trends, and foreign counterparts reached a number of substantial introduction of investment, projects and cooperation intentions.


Since 2015, the Beautéville, initiated by the association and jointly with the national beauty industry, has introduced high-end cosmetics terminals and supporting industries at home and abroad, covering the entire cosmetics industry chain. It has become one of the three major cosmetics industry agglomeration centers in the country, going hand in hand with Shanghai Oriental beauty Valley and Guangzhou Baiyun beauty Bay, and has become the only core bearing area of the cosmetics industry during the 14th Five Year Plan period in Zhejiang Province. For two consecutive years, it has been rated as excellent and ranked first in fashion towns in the annual assessment, which has made a significant contribution to the healthy and high-quality development of China’s cosmetics industry.


Up to now, Beautéville has stationed 235 enterprises and signed strategic cooperation agreements with government agencies or industry associations of 29 countries, such as France Cosmetic Valley, Korea Cosmetic Association and Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oil Production and Trade, etc. With the support of industry resources and professional advantages, Beautéville continues to develop and is striving to achieve the wonderful goal of ‘Oriental Grasse’.


In accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the General Assembly adopted a secret ballot to elect the leadership team of the fourth council of Hangzhou Cosmetic Industry Association. The newly elected President Shen Weiliang delivered a speech and warmly praised the achievements and contributions of the old President Hou Juncheng. He also said that he would be strict in self-discipline, take ownership of the responsibility and posture, unite the new leadership team of the Association, bring into play the collective wisdom and strength, jointly promote the rapid and healthy development of the Association, and polish the golden sign of Hangzhou Cosmetic Industry Association.

In his speech, the newly elected Honorary President Hou Juncheng first congratulated the new Council and President Shen Weiliang, and said he would continue to be a good ‘shopkeeper’ in the industry, support the Association’s leadership team and promote the Association to move forward.


Mr. Ge Weiping, Director of Hangzhou Social Organizations Administration, delivered a speech on behalf of the relevant government departments. He congratulated the establishment of the new leadership team and the election of the two presidents of the Association, and affirmed that the Association, under the leadership of the third leadership team, has made effective contributions to the development of the industry by acting as a good counselor for the government and a good public servant for the members. He hoped that the new association team would play a key role in four aspects, including industrial synergy, digital upgrading of traditional industries, regional brand building and the role of bridge between government and enterprises, and continue to promote the healthy development of the industry.


The conference was successfully concluded after the completion of ten agendas. It is believed that the new leading group of the association, with general manager Shen Weiliang of ‘Osman’ as the president, general consultant of Beautéville, and chairman Hou Juncheng of ‘PROYA’ as the honorary president, will consciously perform the industry norms, unite and help each other, give full play to the function of bridge and link, serve and lead all member enterprises, never forget their original intentions, forge ahead, and create new brilliance in the cosmetics industry of the greater Hangzhou Economic Circle.

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