The total investment is 50million dollars! This settled enterprise is officially put into production!
Walking into Laima cosmetics (Huzhou) Co., Ltd., rows of modern machinery and equipment are operating efficiently. You can see the equipment is roaring and the workers are busy at their posts and prod...

Walking into Laima cosmetics (Huzhou) Co., Ltd., rows of modern machinery and equipment are operating efficiently. You can see the equipment is roaring and the workers are busy at their posts and produce orders.

Lima cosmetics (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK Lima beauty group, with a total planned investment of US $50million (325million yuan). The total construction area of the project is about 50000 square meters, the land area is about 42.18 mu, and the plot ratio is 1.96. The project was signed and settled in Beautéville in August 2018, started in June 2019, and officially put into operation on May 19, 2022. With the concept of ‘enjoying excellent quality and exquisite life’, Lima specializes in the R&D, design and production of medium and high-end skin care products and cosmetics products.

"We are very glad that Lima has successfully passed the inspection and put into production on schedule. In two years, we have completed the installation and verification of civil engineering projects and important equipment, and started the production of many products. Although the process is very difficult, fortunately, we have successfully obtained the cosmetics production license, which is inseparable from the support of the local government and associations, helping us solve a series of problems such as acceptance and production, and effectively ensuring the peaceful development of enterprises here.” said by Lima’s director Fang Hangbo.


After years of exploration and practice, the company has precipitated the European and American markets, focused on the Asian market, understood the consumer psychology and consumer behavior under the new situation, redefined and comprehensively upgraded the traditional skin care experience, formed Lima’s skin care concept of ‘technology + fragrance’, committed to becoming a leader in the olfactory economy era of ‘fragrance skin care’, and built an OEM · ODM service-oriented enterprise integrating the whole industrial chain.


As an important member of the cosmetics production enterprise of Beautéville and the vice president unit of Beauty Health Association of Beautéville, Lima cosmetics focuses on the field of fragrance aesthetics and scientific and technological skin care. It specializes in the R & D, design and production of medium and high-end skin care products and color makeup products.


The company continues to introduce professional and excellent industry analysts and R&D, production and marketing teams at home and abroad, set up and has a comprehensive support of three R & D laboratories at home and abroad. The laboratories introduce the advanced formulas and science and technology from France and the United Kingdom, and support 4500 square meters of skin care R & D center, 3000 square meters of fragrance research room, 100,000 class air clean GMP standard production workshop and 10,000 class laboratory, so as to perfectly realize the connection and production of skin care, makeup and other production lines. We are committed to building Lima Asia fragrance database and providing Lima brand partners with a one-stop fragrance skin care solution integrating formula development, packaging design, finished product production and brand planning.



Display of some production equipment of the cosmetics factory of Lima

In the future, Lima cosmetics will also set up the first fragrance and beauty Research Institute in Zhejiang, gather a number of top beauty research institutions in China. It sets up a number of academician research stations and postdoctoral research stations and also carries out future skin research and development of characteristic raw materials. What’s more, Lima also deepens fragrance and skin care research, and carry out the development and research of a series of new products based on the above research results.

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