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Italy is the cradle of European culture, and her fashionable life seems to be an elegant painting, a mesmerizing, dignity and leisure dream of beauty. Following the European In-cosmetics global in Bar...

Italy is the cradle of European culture, and her fashionable life seems to be an elegant painting, a mesmerizing, dignity and leisure dream of beauty.


Following the European In-cosmetics global in Barcelona, a delegation headed by Hou Juncheng, general advisor of Beautéville and chairman of PROYA starts.

Received by Mr. Paolo Bosi, the mayor of Vaiano, Prato, Italy, the Beautéville delegation got an in-depth understanding of the development of Vaiano community and visited a number of top-ranking companies in the Italian market.


Prato, a province located in central Italy, is just 16 km from Florence, the land of the Italian Renaissance. Prato is a famous textile distribution center in Europe. And Vaiano is one of the most developed communities in Prato in terms of economy and tourism.


Beautéville visited the one of the top 10 companies in the Italian hair care products production and distribution market, with the highest turnover in the Italian industry and distribution channels in 61 countries worldwide.


Then, the delegation visited the first top Italian company to receive an award for sustainability and research and development, and discussed cooperation in opening a testing center in Beautéville.


The delegation also visited the old friend, Italian Cosmetic Association, and introduced to them the great development of Beautéville in recent years, and presented Benedetto Lavino, the president of Italian Cosmetic Association, a souvenir gift representing deep friendship during the welcome dinner.


The indissoluble bond between Beautéville and Italy

November 2016

VIRIDIS, the first Italian cosmetics company, has settled in the Beautéville.


October 2018

Beautéville was invited to visit the Italian Cosmetics Association for the first time.


November 2018

Beautéville and the Italian Cosmetics Association officially signed a friendly strategic cooperation agreement.


March 2019

At the Bologna International Beauty Exhibition in Italy, the Beautéville collaborated with the Italian Cosmetics Association to hold a China Cosmetics Theme Promotion Conference.


November 2019

The 5th Cosmetics Industry Leaders Summit, Mr. Luca Nava, President of Italian Cosmetics Association, made the Italian industry data release.


During this trip to Italy, Beautéville and Italian cosmetic companies exchange and learn from each other, helping the rise of Chinese national cosmetics brands!

 Beautéville is committed to integrating the world’s high-quality cosmetic industry resources, and dreams of bringing more excellent Chinese cosmetic brands to consumers in more countries around the world one day. Beautéville hope to work with international resources to develop a more promising world cosmetic market.

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